8 Reasons Why Does My Belgian Malinois Sleep On The Floor

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In this article, we discuss the sleeping habits of Belgian Malinois and how their independent nature can influence their choice in where to sleep. We will examine the different factors that may be influencing a Belgian Malinois’s desire to sleep on the floor, as well as how owners can best accommodate them. By understanding why your pup might choose to sleep on the floor instead of the bed, you can help create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your pup. So read on to learn more about Belgian Malinois’ sleeping habits and how to make bedtime a pleasant experience for both of you!

Cooler Temperature

One of the primary reasons why Belgian Malinois might choose the floor over a bed is temperature regulation. Dogs, including the Malinois, cannot sweat like humans and rely on other methods to cool down. The floor’s cooler surface provides a refreshing escape, particularly during warmer months or in homes without air conditioning. The ability to feel comfortable and maintain an optimal body temperature may lead your Malinois to opt for the cool floor during sleep.

Cooler Temperature
Cooler Temperature

Explanation of how floor surfaces can be cooler

One of the main reasons why your Belgian Malinois might be sleeping on the floor is because it’s cooler than other surfaces. Wood, tile, and stone floors naturally absorb heat from the air surrounding them, creating a pleasant chill for your pup during those hot summer months. Additionally, if you have a rug or carpet laid down on top of these surface materials, there’s less chance of your pup overheating due to the cushioning effect created by the rug or carpet. This can be especially beneficial for short-haired breeds that don’t have protective fur layers to insulate them from the heat.

Discussion on how dogs, including Belgian Malinois, might prefer cooler temperatures

It’s important to remember that dogs, including Belgian Malinois, prefer cooler temperatures than us humans. If your pup is sleeping on the floor rather than a comfy bed or couch cushion, it might be because their body temperature is lower when in contact with a cool surface. This can help them regulate their temperature better and feel more comfortable overall. Additionally, if there is a draft in the house, the floor might be warmer or cooler than other surfaces due to its proximity to the cold air.


Comfort is subjective and can vary from one dog to another. While humans often seek soft and cushioned beds for rest, some dogs, including Belgian Malinois, may prefer harder surfaces. The firmness of the floor might be more soothing for their joints and muscles, especially as they age. This preference for hard surfaces can be traced back to their wild ancestors, who sought sturdy grounds for rest.


Explanation of comfort levels on different surfaces

Another reason your pup might be snuggling up on the floor is because it gives them a greater sense of comfort. Lying down on hard surfaces like wood or tile liberates their joints from any pressure, allowing them to get into comfortable positions and relax more easily. Additionally, if you have carpet laid down over these surfaces, it provides an extra layer of cushioning that helps keep them comfortable, especially when they’re curled up for a nap. The same goes for rugs, which provide another layer of comfort and insulation against cold floors. All in all, both dogs and humans alike can benefit from the comfort that comes with lying on cooler surfaces.

Individual preference of Belgian Malinois for hard surfaces

Finally, it’s important to note that each Belgian Malinois may have their own individual preferences when it comes to comfort. Some might prefer the warmth of a comfy cushion or bed while others might be more partial to the cooler sensations of lying on hard surfaces. Observing your pup and seeing what they are most comfortable with is key in ensuring their overall wellbeing and happiness!


The floor’s sense of security can be another reason behind your Belgian Malinois’ choice to sleep on the ground. Dogs, including the Malinois, have a natural instinct to find secure and sheltered spots for relaxation. Being closer to the ground may make them feel grounded, safe, and in control of their surroundings, aligning with their protective instincts.


Explanation of how the floor can provide a sense of security

The floor can also provide your pup with a sense of security. It’s much lower than the furniture and other surfaces in the house, meaning they’re closer to the ground and less vulnerable to potential threats. Additionally, if they feel anxious or scared about something, lying on the floor can help them to feel more grounded and connected as it puts them in a position that is closer to the earth. This can help them feel more secure and content, which will lead to a happier pup in the long run.

Belgian Malinois’ natural protective instincts

On top of feeling secure, the floor can also be a great place for Belgian Malinois to express their natural protective instincts. These dogs are used to being on guard and alert for potential dangers, so lying low to the ground can help them feel like they are better able to detect any threats or intruders. This is an important part of keeping your pup safe and happy at home.


Dogs value personal space when they sleep, especially in multi-pet households. The floor offers ample space for your Belgian Malinois to stretch out and rest comfortably. Unlike beds, the floor allows them to choose any position without feeling confined or restricted.


Discussion on the need for space when sleeping

Another important consideration when talking about the floor is space. Belgian Malinois need a lot of room to stretch out and move around while sleeping, so providing them with enough space on the floor for this is essential. This will also help prevent any aches or pains that can come from sleeping in a cramped position which can be uncomfortable for your pup. Make sure they have plenty of room to sprawl out and move around while they sleep.

How the floor provides ample space

The floor can provide your pup with the room they need, as it is usually much larger than most of the furniture options in the house. This provides them with ample space to move around and settle into a comfortable sleeping position. Additionally, making sure that their bedding or blankets are spread out evenly on the floor will give them some traction while they’re napping. This can help them stay in position and prevent them from unintentionally sliding as they sleep.

Health Issues

Belgian Malinois are a popular breed of dog with many wonderful characteristics. However, like all dogs, they may experience a variety of health issues throughout their lives. This is one of the many reasons why your Belgian Malinois may choose to sleep on the floor. It’s not uncommon for dogs to seek out harder surfaces when they’re experiencing joint pain or arthritis. It’s also possible that your pup is experiencing digestive issues and feels more comfortable sleeping on a cooler surface. Regardless of the reason, it’s essential to keep an eye on your dog’s health and address any health concerns with your veterinarian. With proper care and attention, your Belgian Malinois will be able to enjoy many happy years by your side.

Health Issues
Health Issues
Health Issues  Solutions
 Joint PainSeek out harder surfaces
ArthritisSeek out harder surfaces
Digestive IssuesSleep on cooler surface
Overall HealthAddress health concerns with veterinarian

Health issues can also play a role in influencing your Malinois’ sleeping preference. Joint pain, arthritis, or injuries may make it uncomfortable for them to climb onto a raised surface like a bed. If you notice a sudden change in their sleeping habits, consulting with a veterinarian can help rule out any underlying health concerns.

Possible health issues that may cause a dog to sleep on the floor

Although the floor can be a great place for Belgian Malinois to sleep, there are some potential health issues that may need to be taken into consideration. If your pup is having joint or back pain, then it might be more comfortable for them to lie on a soft surface such as a bed. Additionally, if they have any respiratory issues or allergies then sleeping on the floor may be more difficult for them as dust and other allergens can easily settle to the ground. In these cases, it is best to provide your pup with an elevated bed or cushion that will help keep them off of the floor. This will allow them to rest comfortably while still being close to the ground.

Importance of veterinary consultation

When in doubt, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian to make sure that your pup is getting the best sleep possible. Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with advice on what type of environment and sleeping surface would be best for your pup’s individual needs. This way you can ensure that they are getting the restful sleep they need while avoiding any potential health issues.

Habit from Puppyhood

Early life experiences can significantly impact a dog’s behavior, including their sleeping habits. If your Belgian Malinois spent its early days sleeping on the floor, it might develop a preference for this surface as it associates it with comfort and familiarity.

  • Chewing Everything: Puppies explore the world with their mouths, so they may chew on furniture, shoes, or anything they find interesting.
  • Potty Accidents: House training takes time, and puppies may have accidents indoors until they learn to go outside.
  • Biting and Mouthing: Puppies often play-bite and mouth, which is a normal part of their socialization, but they need to learn bite inhibition.
  • Jumping Up: Puppies may jump up on people to seek attention or out of excitement.
  • Excessive Barking: Puppies may bark excessively, especially when they want attention or when they’re anxious.
  • Digging: Some puppies have a natural instinct to dig, which can be destructive if not redirected appropriately.
  • Crying or Whining: Puppies may cry or whine when they’re anxious, lonely, or need something.
  • Chasing or Running After Things: Puppies may have a strong prey drive and chase after moving objects like birds, cars, or bikes.
  • Stealing Food: Puppies may attempt to snatch food from counters or tables.
  • Separation Anxiety: Puppies may struggle with being alone and exhibit signs of anxiety when separated from their owners.
Habit from Puppyhood
Habit from Puppyhood

How early life experiences can affect sleeping habits

It is important to remember that early life experiences can have a large impact on a pup’s sleeping habits. If your Belgian Malinois was not provided with proper bedding or blankets as a puppy, this may lead them to feel more comfortable sleeping on the floor later in life. For this reason, it is important to start training your pup to sleep in an elevated bed as early as possible. This way they can get used to the feeling of sleeping on a soft surface, and have a better chance of continuing this habit throughout their life.

Belgian Malinois’ adaptability

When it comes to sleeping habits, Belgian Malinois’ are highly adaptable. This means that your pup may be comfortable either on the floor or in a bed, depending on their individual needs and preferences. If you provide them with plenty of love and attention as well as a comfortable place to sleep then they will usually find the best way to rest comfortably. With proper training and guidance, your pup can find the ideal sleeping spot for themselves and their owners.

However, no matter which type of sleep surface you choose for your Belgian Malinois it is important to keep them safe and healthy. Make sure that they are not left alone in a room with furniture or other items that could potentially injure them while they rest. A comfortable bed or blanket can help to ensure that they are getting the restful sleep they need while avoiding any potential health issues. Additionally, if you have other pets in the house it is important to make sure that your Belgian Malinois has a separate sleep space so that they don’t feel overwhelmed during their resting time. This will help them get all the rest and relaxation needed for long-term health and happiness.

Avoidance of Heat

Dogs are sensitive to heat, and some breeds, like the Belgian Malinois, have a dense double coat that can trap heat. Opting for the cooler floor can be a practical way for them to dissipate excess body heat and remain comfortable.

Avoidance of Heat
Avoidance of Heat

Dogs’ sensitivity to heat

Belgian Malinois are not very tolerant of high temperatures. Unlike other breeds, their short coat does not provide much insulation from the heat and they can quickly overheat if left in hot environments for too long. Therefore it is important to ensure that your pup is kept cool when the temperature rises.

How sleeping on the floor can help dissipate heat

In hot weather, allowing your Belgian Malinois to sleep on the floor can help them dissipate heat from their body more quickly. The cool surface of the floor helps draw away some of the heat from their body and prevents them from overheating. So if it’s a particularly hot day, you may want to consider letting your pup sleep on the floor instead of their usual bed.


Belgian Malinois are renowned for their independent nature. This independence extends to their sleeping habits as well. They might choose to sleep on the floor as a way to assert their independence and make their sleeping decisions.


Belgian Malinois’ independent nature

Belgian Malinois are known for being independent and highly intelligent. This can make them difficult to train, but their inquisitive nature also makes them ideal companions if you’re willing to take the time to help channel their energy into positive activities.

How this can influence their sleeping location preference

As they are independent-minded, Belgian Malinois often prefer to choose their own sleeping location. This can be a tricky situation as you may not always know where your pup is going to sleep, but it also gives them the freedom to choose a spot that allows them to feel safe and secure. So if you notice your pup making themselves comfortable somewhere else in the house, it’s probably best to let them as long as it is in a safe and comfortable area. This way they can keep cool while still having the independence they crave.


In conclusion, Belgian Malinois are intelligent and independent dogs who often prefer to sleep on the floor. This preference is likely due to their need for a cooler environment as well as their need for independence. As long as the area they choose is safe and comfortable, it’s best to let them have their freedom and pick where they sleep. Ultimately, this will help your pup stay cool and secure and provide them with the independence they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Belgian Malinois often choose to sleep on the floor due to their need for a cooler environment as well as their need for independence.
Yes, as long as the area they choose is safe and comfortable, it’s best to let them have their freedom and pick where they sleep.
By providing your pup with the independence they need and allowing them to pick a spot that allows them to feel safe and comfortable, you can help ensure your pup stays cool and secure.
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